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Overwatch Set To Launch For Nintendo Switch On October 15, 2019

After the rumors starting pop up with the official Overwatch case for the Nintendo Switch it was more than likely that we were seeing a reveal of the game coming to the hybrid console. Today, during the Nintendo Direct they showed off the game to start off the show.

Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch will be launching October 15, 2019 and if you pre-purchase the game you’ll receive a Widowmaker Noire Skin. If you purchase Overwatch by December 31st you will unlock a Golden Loot Box with at least 1 guaranteed legendary item.

The Overwatch: Legendary Edition includes:

  • Redeemable code for Nintendo Switch Online Individual Membership 3-month subscription.
  • The full game
  • 5 Legendary Hero Skins
  • 5 Epic Hero Skins
  • 5 Origin Hero Skins
  • And more

The Legendary Edition will cost $40.00 and it will be digital even if you purchase it physically it comes with a download code.

Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch will have a file size of 12.1 GB.

Will you be purchasing Blizzard’s latest addition to the Nintendo Switch?


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