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Party Animals hits over 100K concurrent players on Steam hours after release

Posted on September 20, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Party Animals is already looking like a great hit from Recreate Games who have officially released the highly anticipated casual party game for Xbox Series XlS, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Just hours after its release the game is climbing the Steam charts with thousands playing the game already.

According to Steamdb, Party Animals’ all-time peak is just over 100,000 concurrent players online.

The number will likely climb as this is just 12 hours into the game’s official release on PC. In our review of Party Animals, we highly suggest it for those who are looking to play a new type of party game with their friends and family. Party Animals seems to be receiving negative reviews on the platform due to the longevity of finding a Quick Match, but the team stated they’re working on it.

Party Animals is also available as a console exclusive to Xbox Series XlS and Xbox One. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play the game at no extra cost. When playing the new party game you may notice some familiar-looking characters.

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