Phil Spencer: Xbox Console Player Count Is The Highest Its Been In Platform History

Posted on June 12, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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When it comes to Xbox this console cycle, the Xbox Series X|S is in a different spot that the Xbox 360 and even the Xbox One is in. Although Microsoft did tout the success at launch for the 9th generation hardware, the platform currently is not performing ideally to its competition. In fact, reports indicate that the Series machines combined are still tailing Xbox One currently.

Additionally, this is also affecting revenue for the gaming division. In terms of hardware, there has been a recorded 31 percent decline in hardware revenue. Howbeit, service & content is still up 62 percent & 51 percent respectively. Noted, Microsoft does view the dip in its hardware to make the difference from the new source of gross: Activision Blizzard King.

Despite the ongoing evidence of Xbox’s lacking performance in hardware sales, it is currently the most active the platform has seen. At IGN Live, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer told that Xbox has more players on console alone more than any other generation before it. You can watch the segment in the video below:

“What I can say sitting here today from our decision on cloud, on Game Pass, on console: right now, we have more Xbox console users than we’ve ever had in the history of Xbox,” Spencer says. “And even when I look at things like the impact of Game Pass, cause I watch that and I love Game Pass like how it showed up in the show today and that’s fantastic, but we also want people to buy games so I go back and I look and say, ‘ok, over the past five years what’s happened to third-party game sales on our platform’.

“We’re up double-digits eerie year over the last five years on game sales on Xbox consoles. So when I look at it, I just- doing the $70 billion acquisition will push us to try to do more; it’ll push us on cloud; it’ll push us to find new customers in new places; continue to think about access to new places for amazing games; enabling creators to do great work. But actually for the team I think that is a self-motivation that the team has and it’s a fun part.”

What are your thoughts on Spencer’s recent statement?

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