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Physical version of Redfall will come with a disc

Posted on February 18, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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According to Bethesda’s FAQ on Friday, the physical version of upcoming Xbox exclusive, Redfall would not come with a Blu-Ray Disc. That had fans worried about just receiving a download code and the game would require a persistent online connection.

After a few hours on Friday, February 17 Bethesda updated their FAQ on stating that Redfall’s Standard Edition will come with a Blu-Ray Disc.

The physical retail version of the Redfall Xbox standard edition does come with a Blu-Ray disc. The Bite Back Upgrade can be purchased separately. Within the Bite Back Upgrade, you will find a code that grants you the Bite Back Upgrade in-game items. Owners of the Xbox physical version of Redfall who wish to buy the Bite Back Upgrade can do so either digitally or at participating retailers.

The physical retail version of the PC version does not come with a disc of the game. The Xbox standard edition is the only SKU that provides players with a physical disc of the game.

Redfall will be releasing May 2nd for Xbox Series XlS and PC. It’ll also be available on Xbox Game Pass when it releases.

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