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Pixel 3 & Pixel 3a Are The Only Supported Mobile Devices For Google Stadia At Launch

The past few months during and following the official announcement of Google’s steaming-centered service Stadia have been a pot of mixed feelings as some look at the concept as revolutionary while others see it as unrealistic. The pitched subscription is said to allow users to stream any game supported through Stadia on any device that has Chrome installed on the device: meaning cell phones, televisions, and PCs.

Advertising the service to be seamless when deciding to stream a game from your computer to any mobile device that supports the based-browser, many saw this as too good to be true when the news first broke. And it seems now that there is a catch after all regarding which mobile devices will be available to use Stadia when it launches later this November.

During the most recent Google press conference, the tech giant went over some pointers for Stadia and shared that there are only a select few devices that will be supported for Stadia later this Fall. Reading off from the now-updated support page reveals that the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3a will be supported coming launch of the service. Granted, the Pixel 3a has several iterations including the 3a XL and 3XL, it is technically more than just the two phones.

The page also details that though the Pixel 3 will be primarily supported later this year, Android & iOS devices can be used to manage game’s and settings with the Stadia app. However, only devices that have been update to or over Android M+ and iOS 11+ can run the application.

So on top of having to pay ahead with the revealed Founder’s Pack for Stadia Pro to access the subscription in November, users must also have the correct device if wanting to use the service on the go. You can read all detail regarding the service and supported games for Stadia by going here.

Ultimately, this seems to be very limited when compared to the initial promise that Google showed off during GDC earlier this year. Though it is expected that more cell phones as well as tablets to receive support following launch, it would have been appreciated if more models were included alongside the Pixel 3.

What do you think about Google Stadia only supporting the few phones when the service launches?

Google Stadia will be available sometime this November.

Source: Google


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