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PlayStation 5 Ends Nintendo Switch Streak In Monthly Sales After 33 Consecutive Weeks

In terms of performance of current video game hardware, Nintendo Switch continues to impress the market with its ongoing success for unit sales. Despite the subpar performance of the Nintendo Switch compared to the likes of Xbox Series or PlayStation 5, the Nintendo Switch in its last financial report was said to officially outsell both the Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 in lifetime sales.

As for how the Nintendo Switch is performing for the first half of 2021, the Nintendo handheld console hybrid has continued to be the best-selling since January. NPD Group notes that Nintendo has maintained its momentum as the best performing hardware on the market since December 2018 and no different since. But nearly three years later, another platform breaks that record.

From NPD group’s Mat Piscatella, the PlayStation 5 officially dethrones the Nintendo Switch from the long-maintained record for best-selling hardware. Nintendo’s record was said to be running for 33 weeks straight.

Although upsetting to see such a milestone end just before three years, it does not come to much surprise in the state the PlayStation 5 has been performing. Previously, NPD Group reported that the PlayStation 5 has been determined the fastest-selling video game system in history – in dollar sales that is. The organization later went on to state the same thing for units purchased later on as well.

In a separate tweet, Piscatella explains that the news for the PlayStation 5 could possibly be blamed for the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, but is not entirely certain at the moment. “I think it’s more reflective of supply at this point. Sony was able to get a big number of PS5s into the market, while Switch was ramping up for OLED release.”

However, the Nintendo Switch still remains a juggernaut despite the new discovery. In that, the hardware is only second place to the Nintendo DS in terms of lifetime sales for Nintendo. As of reporting, it is uncertain if that is still true, but the Nintendo Switch is expected to be roughly 20 million units way from overtaking the sibling handheld. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you surprised by the PlayStation 5 breaking the Nintendo Switch’s record?

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