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PlayStation 5 Now Sells Over 21.7 Million Units, But Software Revenue Faces Steady Decline

Posted on July 29, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Come this November will mark two years since the release of the PlayStation 5, but despite the success of this new console generation the hardware has not reached its full potential in the market. This is namely due to the limited production for new hardware available as semiconductors and silicon is scarcer than ever before. What also doesn’t lend any assistance is the two models only separating both PlayStation 5s is one lacking a disc drive.

Entering 2022, it was projected the platform similar to Xbox would be limited on its first-party software releasing in comparison to the year prior. In June, it was reported that PlayStation 5 officially exceeded 20 million is sales. At the time Sony also pledged to truly ramp up production after passing the latest milestone then.

From the newest quarterly report from corporate Sony, it is revealed that the PlayStation 5 has now sold more than 21.7 million units. However, overall revenue faces a decline with 26 percent decrease for software specifically.

Credit: Sony | Q422 Financial Results

One large hit to Sony for its PlayStation division is its latest acquisition. With the recent deal of $3.1 billion for Bungie, the firm records increased expenses as the margin swells from ¥44 billion to ¥57 billion. However, this is not a one-sided situation unique to Sony as similar results has also been recorded from Microsoft as well.

Earlier this week, Microsoft released its financial results for Q4 sharing that all around revenue has faced a decline which does go against success of the Xbox Series S the past few months. Parallel to Sony, the Xbox firm is still underway with its own acquisition plans as well of Activision Blizzard. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you surprised by the recent shortcoming of PlayStation revenue?

Source: Sony

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