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Sony Promises Increased Production For PlayStation 5 After Reaching 20 Million Sales

Posted on June 3, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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When realizing that the newest console generation was among us in 2020, it was already too late for anticipated players. Both the Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5 faced limited pre-orders amid on ongoing pandemic and the world now two years later is left unchanged. While both Sony & Microsoft pledged to vamp up production, it has not met the demand of millions still searching for these new machines.

Atop of online scalpers also being an issue for general consumers, this generation has not been in favor for many. Despite that, both platforms have faced significant growth since launch with new milestones being made. For Xbox, the Series S stands to be the most popular of the duo believe it or not. Additionally, Sony has earned the title for fastest-selling console for industry history.

Although corporate Sony was confident 2022 would be troubling to up production, that no longer appears to be the case. In a statement to on selling 20 million units, it is reaffirming patient fans that production is to ramp up in 2022.

To those fans who have yet to get their hands on a console, please know that we are planning on a significant ramp-up in PS5 production this year and we are working endlessly to make sure that PlayStation 5 is available for everyone who wants one.

Veronica Rogers, Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior Vice President & Head of Global Sales and Business Operations

“Since PS5’s launch, our teams have worked tirelessly to deliver a truly next-gen gaming console that has won the world over and we want to take this time to thank the fans for their support, Rogers adds. “Your passion for the PlayStation brand is what drives us and what inspires us to innovate new technology, engineer the future of gaming, and continue creating the best place to play.”

Almost a month ago, Sony in its latest financial report shared that the PlayStation 5 sold more than 19.3 million units. The preceding PlayStation 4 also pushed its own record over 117 million units at the same time. You can read the full report by heading here.

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