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Previous Rumors For Paper Mario Remake & Unannounced 2D Metroid Title Reaffirmed, New Claim Tells

Earlier this week, a slew of claims which surfaced back in November of last year reemerged following recent news that transpired to coincide with the initial rumor. Twitter user @markomaro posted an entire thread of seemingly plausible information that at the time could not be taken into consideration as fact. However, leading into 2020 with the past few Directs and believable leaks that have unearthed in January, the post unravels to be looking closer to legitimate now.

While the user discloses information that was revealed prior to the post, they are correct about Pokémon Mystery Dungeon alongside Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition that got the beans spilled from Danish retailer Cool Shop. Now a reliable leaker who has proven their merit this past year comes to reaffirm the initial claims.

Known on Twitter as @New_WabiSabi, the insider made a short thread regarding the previous leaks to validate their existence after doing some of their own investigating. Atop of determining the rumors to be legitimate, we do learn a little more detail of these unannounced projects.

Regarding the more direct claim suggesting a remake for 2000’s Paper Mario 64, Sabi cites that the title will “go back to how it was,” suggesting that the series will be reinvigorated with the traditional formula through the upcoming reimagining.

As for the lesser discussed Metroid 2D platformer, the poster tells that the project is also scheduled to release sometime this year. Sabi then goes on to establish that the untitled Metroid sidescroller will be following the roots of Metroid Fusion which originally released for the Game Boy Advanced. The initial claim tells that the game is expected to arrive in the later half of 2020.

Aside from the two games reported today, Sabi does not expand to the other rumored games stated it @markmaro’s thread. Leaving the more interesting projects concerning Star Fox, Captain Toad, Kirby, or even Wario Ware VB in the dark.

What games are you eager to hear about next?

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