Rumor: Nintendo Prepping Handful Of Nostalgic Remakes And New Installments For Beloved IPs

Posted on January 14, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Nintendo is no stranger to reintroducing classic titles from previous generations, especially when it involves the latest Nintendo Switch console. Since the release of the hardware, there has been over a dozen of titles from prior consoles that many fans have been eager to play again or give new players the experience that countless users praise towards. And looking ahead towards 2020, we are aware that Nintendo is committed to follow this pattern.

It was reported previously from Nintendo insider Emily Rogers that at least two more titles are said to be returning from the Wii U, but what exactly is left for time to reveal. However, there looks to be more tangible information that supports a handful of other nostalgic titles to be making a second round later on this year.

This new batch of rumors resurfaced through a report from Jack of all Controllers: according to Twitter user @newmarkomaro, the poster made a thread in November which they claim that more than a handful of titles ranging from the Nintendo 64 to the Nintendo 3DS will be returning with remakes for the current Switch console. But what makes the user’s tweets worth reporting? It happens that some of these games are launching the same time that the user has cited.

For starters, projects like Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training, Tokyo Mirage Session, Animal Crossing, and now Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition all align with the first half release that the Twitter user disclosed last year. While some of these projects were already publicly known to arrive in the first segment of the year, the same cannot be said for the Monolith Soft title as we just learned from a listing to be arriving this May.

Supporting the user’s claim in a separate tweet elsewhere they also suggest that a remake for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon would be arriving in 2020: Nintendo just this past week revealed that the original Rescue Team duology will be returning this March with a Switch rework. That same tweet also shares that a reimagining for both Fire Emblem 6 & Fire Emblem 7 is scheduled to release in a singular package titled “Fire Emblem Echoes: Blazing Sword.”

Adding on from the post, Wario Land VB, Paper Mario 64, and New Style Boutique 4 are also said to receive their own respected remake. New Style Boutique being given the alias for the fourth installment is most likely due to this being made for the Switch despite being a remake, the Twitter user adds on.

The Twitter thread is also suggested to be parallel with the statement Emily Rogers made earlier this January as the user already quotes Pikmin 3 to receive a Deluxe iteration for Nintendo Switch, aligning with the claim for one of two Wii U titles. The second port is suspected to be The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD that markomaro claims elsewhere in the thread. The tweet also urges that the highly-anticipated sequel for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is scheduled to release in late 2020 or possibly in the first financial quarter in the following year.

Moving on, markomaro then explains that Nintendo is organizing an initiative to bring Metroid back into the light in late 2020 with a new title structured to be a 2D platform once again. Atop of the unnamed project, the well-aware Metroid Prime Trilogy is also prepped to release in 2020 alongside Metroid Prime 4 slated with 2021 to be the earliest possible launch for the game. Additionally, Donkey Kong is also claimed to receive a new installment, but this time without Retro Studios involved with the development.

Ending the thread, markomaro tells that this coming E3 will offer a slew of well-awaited IPs returning with Switch titles: Star Fox, Captain Toad, Wario Ware, and Kriby. The Twitter user shares that some of the announcements, like Style Boutique claimed to come this spring, will be officially revealed in a Direct in early 2020. Nintendo already hosted a Pokémon presentation, but some speculate that a standard show will be held in the coming week.

Ultimately, while you can pass this entire post to be taken as conjecture seeing how all fan-favorite franchises are being tossed into this compact leak – it fortunately does hold some ground seeing that claims later happened to be true ahead of their official reveal. Regardless, it is best to take the thread as fact lightly until properly confirmed by Nintendo.

Which games mentioned in the leak are you most excited for?

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