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Previously Rated Metro Redux Switch Port Release Leaked For February

It has already been reported more than once here at Rectify Gaming that the remastered duology of 4A Games’ Metro 2033 & Metro: Last Light have been listed for Nintendo Switch. The most recent report comes from the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) where the organization has a PEGI 18 rating for the title, virtually confirming the game is in development.

However, there is yet to be any official release that also verifies when exactly the game will arrive. But according to a new discovery over on World Trade & Technologies (WTT), we might have a hunch on when that is exactly. According to the French storefront, the domain lists Metro Redux to arrive on the later half of February next month.

Slated for February 28th next month, what reels in this to be more credible is that the day also takes place on a Friday which is traditionally used to launch upcoming titles alongside Tuesday. This will now be the second time the launch date for the supposed Switch port has been compromised: originally, Portuguese Retailer GamingReplay listed the title to arrive on December 1 last year, but now we know that is not what went down.

But what makes the more recent listing give the impression of its legitimacy is that the title is now settled to arrive on a realistic date for one, and that this follows the game being rated on an official ratings board, being in Europe for this case. Also giving the series its merit for the success it has achieved since the first installment, it would be expected that Nintendo decides to drop this in an announcement through an upcoming Direct livestream later on.

Not caught up with Metro? No worries, you can start by reading our review for the latest entry in the series, Metro Exodus. Rectify gaming’s David Rodriguez tells the game to “grow in scope to deliver a satisfying conclusion to Artyom’s journey.”

Metro Redux is currently available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: WTT

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