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Red Barrels’ The Outlast Trials Is A Co-Op Thriller Set During The Cold War

It was just last month that Red Barrels’ 2017 survival horror Outlast 2 was free for PlayStation Plus owners. And now with the game still fresh in the minds on Sony’s current console, the developer has more to share on the next installment in the series: announcing that the game will be moving its latest setting to the Cold War with The Outlast Trials.

The team made a teaser for the upcoming project back on Halloween with the phrase “Where Freedom Ends” painted on the image of two hands reaching for one another. Now the studio has released the full image which shows to be three test subjects portrayed to be in complete terror, engulfed in the darkness while shaded in green from the series’ iconic night vision filter. The same phrase is also on the new image.

Deciphering what else was shared from the announcement, Red Barrels’ co-founder David Chateauneuf shared some input on the title’s development through the debuting Facebook post. “Now we’ve done our proof of concept, it is time to focus on content creation, variety… and gore.”

Concerning what makes this new project different from the others is that the game will be the first cooperative experience for the series. And to clarify any ideas before fans get ahead of themselves from the false implication in the image, the team on Facebook also clarified that the game will not be in VR. The game is said to be either a solo journey or up to three buddies to take on a 4-player co-op experience.

However, that is where the trail runs cold as more information is expected to be revealed at a later date. As always, the closest time for a proper reveal would be at this year’s Game Awards scheduled for next Thursday.

What do you expect from this new online experience for the Outlast series?

The Outlast Trials has no set release date nor any listed platforms as of yet.

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