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Remedy Entertainment Reported To Be Working On Alan Wake Sequel With Publishing Deal Under Epic Games

Posted on March 31, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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For fans over on the Xbox 360 over a decade ago, players might recall one unique Remedy Entertainment release – Alan Wake. The title stood to be a console exclusive from the Finnish developer until the title’s delisting from all platforms. However, it wasn’t until 2018 where Remedy Entertainment officially earned the rights to the series that perked many fans’ interest on what could be on the way.

However, with the release of Control in summer 2019, the idea shrinked less and less. That was until the second DLC for Control, AWE, that many remembered that franchise. Additionally, Remedy Entertainment went on to note that Alan Wake and Control are to be part of a connected universe which bridges into the next title from the game studio. As of yet, that is still unknown.

But to pique so ears, it is disclosed by GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb that the previous publishing deal arranged between Remedy Entertainment & Epic Games is to birth what might be a direct follow-up to Alan Wake, or so that is what Grubb heard. You can watch the segment in the video below:

“Epic [Games] sort of– one of the ways adjusted to that [making games exclusive on Epic Games Store] – one of the ways they responded was ‘well, let’s just fund games as they are– before they are, like, even started,” Grubb explains in the latest The Game Mess Show. “Well they did that and one of the companies with was with Remedy [Entertainment]. And it sounds like Remedy is going to, sounds like- I’ve heard Remedy is going to work on Alan Wake 2 with Epic.

“And, it should be a pretty- and it should kinda be the follow-up the fans of series want. So, Alan Wake- there was a bidding war, but Epic had the best publishing deal and Alan Wake 2 it seems like it’s coming.” Grubb continued by adding that there is no indication as to when the game will be announced or if the project suggests there will even be a sequel to Control either. But he does insist that Remedy has been dying to look for funding to kick off development.

“It does seem like Remedy wanted to make Alan Wake 2, so a bunch of companies said ‘I think we might actually want to help you publish that;’ Epic was like, ‘here is the best deal for you,’ and Remedy jumped all over it and went for it.” He concludes by acknowledging Epic Game’s strategy to push for these publishing deals while leaving teams to pursue its own creative pursuit.

Outside of the titular video game franchise, Alan Wake is also in the works of being adapted into a television show. Reported back in 2018, Variety tells that the production will follow in structure to emphasize on the characters based in the game’s universe. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you hoping a Alan Wake sequel manifests into a real game?

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