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Remedy Entertainment Shares Influencers For CrossfireX Campaign Comes From Metal Gear & Resident Evil

Posted on July 26, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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While many fans on Microsoft’s platform are already discussing about the next installment from 343 Industries with Halo Infinite’s gameplay available to view, developer Remedy Entertainment also took the spotlight later on during the recent Xbox Games Showcase to show off the first glimpse at the story campaign portion of Smilegate’s CrossfireX. Taken that the team is reputable with previous releases like last August’s Control, it is suspected that this new project would also be impactful also.

In the trailer shown, Remedy Entertainment has presented to bring a jaw-dropping presentation expanding on the Crossfire series in a narrative approach that fans could never have expected to become a reality. Expanding more on the plot and its coming to be, the studio shares that there were some influences that helped develop the direction of the storyline.

Speaking with USGamer, Remedy Entertainment Director of Communications Thomas Puha shared that some notorious properties from Konami and Capcom assisted into making the story campaign and some of its DNA is evidently present once learning this new detail.

Obviously we’re a first-person shooter, but like, we look more at games like Metal Gear and even Resident Evil in terms of just kind of being a bit larger than life with the characters, the kind of vibe.

Although Remedy Entertainment has indulged more into the action-adventure scope of narrative-driven titles, the team is familiar with shooting frenzies in previous projects. Notoriously its Max Payne series which emphasizes on gunplay and slo-mo mechanics has been seen to turn the dial on innovative game elements at its time of conception.

But for a first-person shooter, this is expected to be untreaded territory for the Finnish developer. Reflecting on its repertoire of projects, majority of the games are centered on third-person experiences. So it is expected that the team would look for some inspiration t other projects, even if they are not first-person games specifically.

What do you think about Remedy Entertainment grabbing inspiration from Resident Evil and Metal Gear for CrossfireX?

CrossfireX is listed for Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X.

Source: USGamer

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