Report: Gross Revenue For ID@Xbox Initiative Now Reaches $1.4 Billion

Posted on June 23, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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While Microsoft’s ambitions to lead the competition of console sales this current generation has been the lesser than anticipated, the firm has shown to lead in other demographics that deem to be a successful of its competitors. One being software initiatives like Xbox Game Pass: a pseudo-video game Netflix which allows users on console and PC to pay a fixed monthly fee for a myriad of unique titles and contestant promotions for the service.

It was reported back in April that Xbox Game Pass since its conception back in 2017 has welcomed 10 million subscribers who use the service. Additionally, a separate initiative of the firm has also been flagged to perform extremely well in a recent report. According to, Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program has now generated $1.4 Billion in gross revenue.

During this month’s Summer Summit Online, ID@Xbox European lead Agostino Simonetta disclosed the information in glowing response to the reception of the program since its announcement back in 2013.

“And as well as having a lot of games – a lot of planning actually, ID has been a great commercial success. Over 1.4 Billion dollars have been spent by Xbox gamers on games coming to the program.”

Expanding more on the indie game initiative established by Microsoft, the Simonetta continues further by sharing that more than 1,300 titles have been released on Xbox platforms since the founding of the program. Looking ahead – about 1,800 titles are underway for release as numerous teams are currently involved with the program to ship their own titles.

Dividing that stake of involvement unravels about 3,400 studios that have worked alongside Microsoft with more than 60 countries that these teams are established in. It truly is interesting to learn about how much influence that the firm has generated both monetarily and literally as there are more games in development than what has already been shipped though the program.

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