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Report: Manufacturing For PlayStation 5 Higher Due To Scarcer Components

The video game market is just on the horizon of the ultimate transition to the next generation of console hardware this coming holiday season. Although Nintendo’s Switch system has been settled into circulation for nearly three years now, the upcoming Xbox Series X alongside Sony’s PlayStation 5 has yet to properly debut for public hands. Among discussion of what new things these machines will offer, one question fans are dying to know is how much will they run for.

Prior to full knowledge of when these new systems would arrive, the biggest concern was regarding the then-proposed tariffs that would infringe a 25 percent import tax essentially on these upcoming products due to manufacturing being primarily held inside Chinese borders. Even Sony disclosed this to potentially be a concern as tensions continued to arise last year in 2019.

However, that later happened not to be the case as it was discovered just last month that video game hardware would be exempt from this issue; unfortunately the same could not be said for tabletop entertainment due to the materials required to build the sets. Now this week, it seems that there is more concern for the forthcoming PlayStation 5 thanks to a new report.

According to Bloomberg, the necessary parts that makes a PlayStation 5 are said to be on high demand plus scarcity in certain components which results with the manufacturing cost for the latest model to be about $450 alone. The piece goes on to suggest that these specific parts that Sony are using to build the newest PlayStation iteration is due to competition with smart phone companies leading up to the approaching generation lead for mobile devices.

Additionally, Bloomberg tells that another decision that boosts the price of manufacturing is the choice of cooling system for the console: disclosing that Sony have went ahead to purchase higher priced technology rather than being cost efficient. “The cooling system, which is unusually expensive at a few dollars per unit. Typically, companies would spend less than a dollar, but Sony opted to lavish more on making sure heat dissipation from the powerful chips housed inside the console isn’t an issue.”

Atop of the internal conflict concerning pricing of manufacturing for the unit already, Sony previously disclosed to also be waiting ahead of Microsoft to announce the pricing for the Series X before revealing what price tag the PlayStation 5 will ship with. You can read the full report for that by heading here.

What are your thoughts on Sony’s decision for the choice in components for the PlayStation 5?

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to arrive in holiday 2020.

Source: Bloomberg

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