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Report: Microsoft On The Brink Of Acquiring Obsidian Entertainment

According to a report from Kotaku, Microsoft is close to acquiring California-based developer Obsidian Entertainment. The outlet has said to have spoken with some unnamed sources who have been briefed on the possible deal.

Known from the studio’s previous work such as standalone title Fallout: New Vegas and Knights of The Old Republic II, Obsidian would be a major acquisition for Microsoft if this happens to be true. As neither companies have confirmed if the apparent studio acquiring is true, we will have to be patient to see if this is true or not.

Told by one of those aware of the negotiations, it is said that the deal is about “90%” completed. Which is exciting to hear, does not ensure the acquisition as many have fallen in the last hours of the agreement. As said by another representative in the briefing: “It’s a matter of when, not if.”

Since we witnessed the mass acquisitions from Microsoft back in June, the likeliness of seeing yet another studio acquired is possible for the near future. This report could also lead onto the possible rumor of Microsoft acquiring Electronic Arts from June as this rumor seems more realistic to see pull though from Microsoft than acquiring EA.

As we passed the halfway mark for this generation of consoles recently, it’s necessary that Microsoft is planning something for the next set of hardware after the Xbox One. Though the push for consumer input has been appreciated from the company with backwards compatibility and keyboard/mouse support, the console has underperformed compared to its competitor. As the Xbox platform has slowly been covering territory with Xbox Play Anywhere and the more recent announcement of Project xCloud, first-party titles is what will push for more sales if they plan to cover all fronts.

Source: Kotaku

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