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Report: Resident Evil 4 Remake To Increase Scare Factor Taking Inspiration From Betas For The Original

Posted on February 14, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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For Capcom, the firm is surely to continue exploring its options for the remake path it has set itself already with the two entries it released so far – Resident Evil 2 Remake & Resident Evil 3 Remake. Alongside that, the firm is reported to already start plans for its next endeavor with Resident Evil 4 aimed to release in 2022. Previously, it was told that formed PlatinumGames Tetsuya Minami will be helming the venture at Capcom now.

Although there is still little information on when the game is set to arrive aside from initial details, Resident Evil 4 recently returned to the spotlight. In a surprise announcement during the 25th anniversary livestream for Resident Evil, Capcom announced that the 2004 release will be receiving an Oculus Quest 2 port. The game went on to later ship ahead of Halloween last fall.

In a new report from FanByte, new information on the unannounced entry has surfaced recently. While it is already understood that the leadership for this project is being helmed by support studio M-Two, it was told that Capcom upon greenlighting the game years ahead after the success of Resident Evil 2 Remake requested original game director Shinji Mikami to return for the remake. However, Mikami was said to decline the offer with projects at Tango Gameworks outweighing the Capcom title.

Regarding the new details for Resident Evil 4 Remake, the report spares information on some of the pursuits and inspiration for the new project. For one, the timeframe for the game is said to shift to a majority of in-game set pieces being placed during nighttime rather than the entirety following a 24-hour time set.

Additionally, original ambitions expressed through the Resident Evil 4 demos & betas will be manifested into Resident Evil 4 Remake. Elements of grimmer and spookier tropes exhibited in the pre-release gameplay/footage for the 2004 title is to act as a base for what the remake will tackle. Some aspects did make it into the initial release, but, Capcom plans to embrace the original vision with the remake.

As for some content details, Assignment Ada is said to be improved over the brief experience from the original. Alongside the Separate Ways experience, both are said to feature more in-depth gameplay for players. However, sources said it could not disclose if it will be part of the base game for the remake or included as an expansion as of reporting.

While considering that Capcom has yet to reveal Resident Evil 4 Remake, FanByte retains an accurate track record as of late with other announcements proven to be legitimate. Last year, the outlet was correct about Team Ninja’s Final Fantasy Origins: Stranger of Paradise. More recently, the firm reported correctly on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 being in development. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: FanByte

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