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Report: The Last of Us Part II could be released this October

It has been known since November that PlayStation won’t be attending E3 this year, but that won’t stop Sony from sharing big news on the future of their games and console. One of their top exclusives fans are looking forward to is The Last of Us Part II and according to a retailer we might have an idea when it could release. First found by, The Loot Gaming the possible release date for the game was found on LawGamers, a Peruvian retailer and the ad from the site states The Last of Us II will release October 2019. 

Like always take this with a grain of salt because we’ve seen retailers supposedly have leaks before and as much we’ve seen them be correct there’s always a chance this could be incorrect. The best bet is we wait to hear from Sony & Naughty Dog which could be anytime this year since they won’t be at this years major event. A lot of fans would think The Last of Us Part II would launch with the upcoming PS5 we should eventually hear about sometime this year possibly, but its entirely possible that it could launch on PlayStation 4 first.

The first Last of Us title launched in 2013 on PlayStation 3 being one of the best games that year and in 2014 a remaster was launched on PlayStation 4.


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