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Report: This Years Battlefield To Be Set In WW2

Since the recent new of EA’s plan for Battlefield this year once Anthem got delayed for 2019, much speculation has been in the year for what the next one could be. And according to GamesBeat, this upcoming, unannounced title is to be following Call of Duty with World War II.
Sources from GamesBeat say that the game will be a follow up to Battlefield 1, as Battlefield 2. Not as a remaster of the 2005 game, but a  completely new title going under the name Battlefield V. The reporter also provided a screenshot of the dev build for the upcoming title via Twitter.

Said that DICE and EA have made the decision to hold off on the second world war years ago. To not directly return to the era just yet, but to take a break from the modern/futuristic shooters them and their competitors have released for the past half decade.
And for any hope of a third title coming to Bad Company seems to not happen anytime soon. As DICE is listening to the fans for a Bad Company 3, they are keeping the idea aside for later years. As it’s not time to return to modern shooters just yet, Bad Company 3 will be a great way to reintroduce it.
Source: GamesBeat 

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