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Report: Xbox One Without Disk Drive Expected To Drop In May

Back in November, discussion for a newer modeled Xbox surfaced from tech site Thurrott detailed that at some time in 2019 Microsoft will release an Xbox One console without a disk drive along with an expected price to average around $200.

Now reported from Windows Central, ’Xbox Maverick’ is expected to release later this May. The Microsoft-centered outlet also says that the name for the upcoming console is said to be the “Xbox One S All Digital” edition. Similar to the titular One S, the console will be digital-based, making all disc games obsolete for the upcoming hardware.

As of yet, there still is no official word on when or how much the new model will be. Since the new tech will be going disk-less, it’s assumed the price will also be dropped to a cheaper price, making the $200 price tag look more legitimate. And with the digital-only model, it would be better for a bigger internal hard drive as 1 TB won’t hold a lot of games in this ecosystem of titles.

What do you think about Microsoft taking this route late into the current generation of platforms?

Source: Windows Central

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