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Respawn Entertainment’s Oculus-Partnered VR Title To Be Revealed At Oculus Connect

Posted on August 1, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Back in a time when Respawn Entertainment was only known as the Titanfall developer and the only news revolving around their November-scheduled Star Wars title was a single image, the pre-EA acquired developer announced to be partnering with Facebook-owned Oculus to bring a new title to the virtual reality market.

At the time, titles that initially defining the VR market only brought one-time experiences that have yet to leave a hallmark impression on players throughout the gaming community: but as we witnessed leaving 2018, the platform has really left a lasting effect on industry especially with Sony entering the mi with PlayStation VR.

Now, Oculus announced today through a blog post that the approaching Oculus Connect will feature Respawn Entertainment’s undetailed virtual reality title at the upcoming event.

OC6 is also an amazing opportunity to see the latest from game developers around the world. Respawn Entertainment (Apex Legends™ and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order™) will join us at this year’s show to reveal a new AAA first-person combat title made in partnership with Oculus Studios, including the first hands-on playable demo.

Determining what the new game will be exactly is left to speculation as the brief synopsis of this “AAA first-person combat title” does not provide much to the latter. Previously, Respawn announced that anything regarding the Titanfall franchise, including the anticipated third installment, will be shelfed in favor to supply maximum effort towards the current Apex Legends following the reception of Season 1.

So best guesses is to expect a completely unique IP with the developer’s fingerprints covering the core gameplay of the unannounced title. Despite the Oculus platform holding close to the virtual reality genre, the sixth annual event will also house a bevy of AR (augmented reality) projects as well.

Oculus Connect will be taking place on September 25 & September 26 in San Jose, California.

Source: Oculus

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