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Rumor: Next Grand Theft Auto Title Returns Series To Vice City

Fans familiar with the Grand Theft Auto series are aware that the latest installment released nearly 6 years this coming September, technically 5 if you count the remaster for modern consoles and PC. Nonetheless, fans feel that Rockstar Games have had plenty of time to work on another installment and anticipate that a follow-up is currently in the works.

Following hype for any bit of information, this leads many eyes to rumors as fans are hungry for any bit of detail on the matter. And it seems that the latest rumor that have really made its way through the gaming community has shown its face this past week. Coming from the same Reddit user who claimed that Bully 2 will feature Jimmy Hopkins for the sequel, they revealed a bevy of information regarding the inevitable Grand Theft Auto 6.

Sharing to have heard from their “dear friend who works at Rockstar” as their source for this latest rumor is that the next Grand Theft Auto will take place in Vice City once again. But unlike the current Grand Theft Auto V, there is only one protagonist the player is given to control. The user goes on to tell that the story will be told through the span of the 1970s and 80s as you progress through the game’s plot.

Continuing on with the claim, the thread also lists that the unannounced title will be “heavily inspired” by the Netflix series Narcos, which is set roughly around the same time as the alleged GTA 6 title. Furthermore, the user also details that among the rise of the “up and coming drug lord-wannabe” as he begins “making connections with big time drug lords,” this will then lead the protagonist to flying cartels to a “fictional location based on Rio de Janeiro” in South America.

Expanding on multiple locations in the unannounced title, the user shares that more subtle and “linear” missions are also present which then takes the player to Liberty City as well. Going in depth with the more diverse settings that the game is rumored to harbor, the Reddit user details that the portion set in Brazil will be more authentic as characters will “speak the language they’re native to.” Among other realistic game elements set in the warmer and tropical areas said in the thread, weather will play a larger roles as floods and hurricanes are said to be present when in the game.

Ultimately, this is a lot to take in for a game that has yet to be revealed from Rockstar Games. It’s best to remember that everything that was shared is not fact and should be taken lightly until properly revealed from the developer. This is a rumor, so some pieces of the potential leak might be out of proportion for the sake to fuel the hype train.

There is no slated release date for the next Grand Theft Auto title.

Source: Reddit


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