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Rumor: Two Names Emerged For Possible Unannounced Xbox Consoles

Posted on December 20, 2018 by Nick Moreno

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Since both Microsoft and Sony’s current platforms hit the halfway mark for this generation of console and discussion for what’s coming next from the two tech giants arose, there has been some speculation and even possible leaks of what could be the next line of hardware. Recently conversation sparked coming from Windows Central when the website stated from several sources that there are two consoles on the way for the Xbox brand.

The Microsoft-based outlet told in a recent article that the names of the two unannounced Xbox consoles are “Anaconda” & “Lockhart”.

The first mentioned piece of hardware is said to be a cheaper iteration of the current Xbox One S and suggesting that Lockhart will carry over streaming 4K entertainment into the next generation more inclusively if their sources are correct. Following with Anaconda which is said to be a more power-focused console like the One X: stated to currently be “serving as a dev kit”. Both successor consoles are said to be aimed for a 2020 release window.

Among other speculation under Microsoft’s belt, it was reported last month that another console is on the way for 2019 as a discless unit. Other previously mentioned and unannounced hardware from Microsoft is the stream-heavy Project Scarlett: which you can read up on from NX Gamer where he discusses the concept of the possible upcoming console.

With Windows Central being correct previously with reports on other motives revolving around Xbox, the chances of both Anaconda and Lockhart being real is likely to happen despite the outlet advising to take the information with the slightest bit of hope. Until more information is released from the website or from Microsoft officially, the topic is in the air for now.

Source: Windows Central

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