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San Diego Comic-Con Demo For Marvel’s Avengers Leaks Before Proper Release

Just about a week ago, news broke that the then-coming Marvel’s Avengers demo to be hosted by Marvel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con would be showcased at the respected Marvel Gaming panel, but will not be livestreamed for those who unfortunate not to go. As per situations alike, attendees typically go against the restrictions of recording during the panel regardless and just that happened.

YouTube Channel PS5 Intel uploaded what looks to be the demo that was shown during the event that took place yesterday. The demo recorded holds some similarities in gameplay close to what was shown last month at Square Enix’s press conference. In the demo, three sequences showcase gameplay from Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk. But unfortunately fall short during the demo after Hulk gets some screen time.

But then on Reddit, user THEPROMISE102 posted a video that seems to take over just where the first leaked video left as Hulk began fighting the ongoing siege on the Golden Gate Bridge. The second video follows Bruce banner as well as transitioning to some gameplay for Captain America and even giving Black Widow some spotlight.

However, following the panel, Marvel aware of the reception of the A-Day demo made it clear via Twitter that the demo will be showcased with a proper upload from the developer a week after next month’s Gamescom event.

The post details that gameplay for the title will be adjusted to what is currently available to watch online and should be more polished by mid-August. The post continues into a thread giving more insight on the game as they share that the demo is the beginning prologue of the game. Clarifying that the linear presentation following what was shown brings the direction to the open-world aspect that was told to be offered in the full game.

All in all, hopefully the game begins to turn around soon with the new demo that is planned to release sometime next month with the limited amount of time that the game has seeing that the official reveal on took place this June, the full (fixed) demo to be dropping in August, and the game releases in May next year.

Are you hooked for Marvel’s Avengers or do you still need more convincing?

Marvel’s Avengers is expected to launh on May 15, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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