Sea Of Thieves Departs From Monthly Updates To A Seasonal Content Model, Starting This January

Posted on December 3, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Concerning Sea of Thieves, the Rare-developed 2018 release certainly stands to be in opposition to what we found during its initial launch. For one, many of the issues that were blatantly evident are nonexistent and the addition of content updates continued to bleed in new adventures for friends looking for a pirating endeavor. Even more, the fun can continue on Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S.

Earlier last month, Rare shared some of the aspects that will be unique to the next-generation consoles for Sea of Thieves. That includes improved loading times, more refined graphical resolution, and the introduction of a rock solid 60 frames per second. Now as the game leads into 2021, there is a big change that will be taking place for Sea of Thieves.

In a new Sea of Thieves News video, Rare unveils that the monthly update campaign will now be replaced with a season-structured content flow that will commence this coming January. You can watch the content update in the video below:

“So from January, seasons are coming to Sea of Thieves with a few piratey twists,” Creative Director Mike Chapman shared on the new approach for content. “Each season will last approximately three months and each season will begin with a new piece of content – a new experience or way of play to start each season.

“And alongside that, over the three months, there’ll be regular and featured live events, hundreds of live awards to go play for, alongside ongoing quality of life patches, Emporium updates and ongoing rewards as part of our Twitch Drops.” As expected with the new approach to content being administered, there is also a new progression track with 100 levels to earn for each season played.

Atop of that, there will also be a new ‘Plunder Pass’ which more devoted players can pick up for more unique goodies and other perks that seek to continue playing as more seasons and of course content ship for Sea of Thieves. While the new update won’t arrive until next year, Rare does go on to mention that the Festival of Giving is set to release on December 9 next week which is comprised of multiple live vents leading to the debut of seasons.

Do you plan to venture in Sea of Thieves when seasons hit the waters?

Sea of Thieves is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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