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Sea Of Thieves Season Ten Features Guild Feature With Upcoming ‘Skull of Siren Song Voyages’ And ‘Safer Seas’

Posted on October 19, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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Rare’s Sea of Thieves continues to move forward across all spectrums of players. From our accessibility review for the game, we wrote: “My suggestion is that If you can find a group, give Sea of Thieves a shot it if you have GamePass. I’d recommend two to three other players to join you on your adventures if you are a gamer without sight.” Even more, the content that rolls out continues to keep players returning. Season Nine for example truly fleshing out the base game.

Additionally, the developer has continued to provide more features for the experience through partnered collaborations. Previously, we saw this with Disney for ‘A Pirate’s Life’ featuring Captain Jack Sparrow. More recently, the same treatment was dealt with another arrangement with Lucasfilm Games for ‘The Legend of Monkey Island’ which arrived earlier this year.

This week, Sea of Thieves welcomes Season Ten which features the new Guild feature to band with like players as you take on the always-moving waters. You can watch the overview trailer in the video below:

“Band together with other pirates invited to sail beneath your own banner! With a player-created Guild, you can plan and build a fleet that expands your seafaring connections well beyond your usual crew, working together to earn riches for all,” Rare pens in the post. There is other promised additions including a new ‘Skull of Siren Song Voyages’ and ‘Safer Seas’ updates as well.

“Following Season Ten’s debut with Guilds, later months of the Season will introduce the Skull of Siren Song, a competitive Voyage that pits crews against each other in a race for a legendary artefact, and Safer Seas, a new game mode enabling players to explore the Sea of Thieves without disruption from other crews.” Other aspects such as hit detection has been reworked as well as remedies for players disconnecting to find their items is also included in Season ten.

What has you most excited for Sea of Thieves Season Ten?

Sea of Theives is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Source: Rare

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