Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake Gets Unexpectedly Delayed

Posted on July 26, 2022 by Tyler Nienburg

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Breaking news was shared on Tuesday as Jason Schreier of Bloomberg reports that the remake of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic has been delayed indefinitely. Aspyr Media reportedly fired the game’s art director (Jason Minor) and design director (Brad Prince) suddenly this month and now this puts the project on pause as they try to figure out what direction to now take.

It was also reported that on June 30, Aspyr completed a demo of the title as they showcased to Lucasfilm and Sony. It had seemed at the time that the game was headed in a positive direction.

 “On June 30, Aspyr finalized a demo of the game, known as a vertical slice, to show to production partners Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC and Sony Group Corp. The developers were excited about it and felt like they were on track, according to a person familiar with the project, so they were shocked by what happened next.”

The original goal was to release this game in 2022, but it seems 2025 is more of a realistic target for release.

This comes as a shock to many as it was only announced in September of 2021 that Star Wars: KOTOR will get remade. Not only that this is a highly anticipated title for many fans of the series, but this would be a modern Star Wars console title released that isn’t done by Electronic Arts.

The game will come eventually, but it looks like we have to wait a little longer.

Source: Bloomberg

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