Streaming Icon Ninja Announces His Departure From Twitch As He Now Streams “Exclusively” On Mixer

Posted on August 2, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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For some time now, Microsoft has been continuously looking for new ways to grab players on their platform to migrate towards its first-party streaming service. Ever since the Xbox owner made the decision to rebrand the previously-known Beam to Mixer, the platform has grabbed some following with dedicate streamers and hosted a booth at events like PAX for users of the app to meet their viewers.

Now the Mixer that we currently know might be facing its next chapter as a streaming platform as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has announced that he will be leaving Amazon-owned Twitch and making his way to stream “exclusively” on Mixer.

In the video following his tweet, Ninja shares that he has been “holding onto this [moving to Mixer] for quite some time,” and shows his enthusiasm on the move to Mixer. Regarding the context for Ninja’s decision to ditch Twitch for Microsoft’s platform is currently unknown, but the implication left from the announcement extends towards a potential deal where Microsoft payed the streamer to change sides.

In the same follow-up video, Blevins also comments to be getting “back in touch with my roots:” for those who might not have known before the streamer’s surge in the Fortnite community, Ninja initially played Halo professionally back when Halo 4 was still the talk of the town. He is returning to his preferable platform after being on PC for the past few years; which could also be seen as a full circle for his standing career in the video game industry.

Do you watch Ninja, and if you do, will you be moving to Mixer along with him?


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