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Sunset Overdrive Listed For PC On ESRB

Insomniac Game’s Sunset Overdrive has already been speculated to get ported over to PC with the discovery on the Korean Ratings Board back in May. Now the 2014 title has been listed for the same title on North America’s ESRB.

As the studio recently released the PlayStation exclusive title Marvel’s Spider-Man, the chances are more likely to expect to see the title on PC along with this discovery. Assuming that the early gen exclusive will becoming in the near future, we could expect to see the title launch alongside the Xbox Game Pass’ debut on the platform as well.

For when  we can hear about the action-adventure title making its way to PC is as soon as the next two weeks with the upcoming X018 Event host in Mexico City. As other titles like the Playground Games Fable title and Cuphead’s 2019 DLC, this would be another exciting reveal for those who still haven’t joined the fun in Sunset City.

Sunset Overdrive is available now for Xbox One.

Source: ESRB

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