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System Shock Remake Gets Summer Release For PC, Developer Ensures Console Release Is Still Underway

Posted on March 8, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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In the discussion of System Shock and the current events for the franchise, plenty of the attention is directed at the long-awaited third entry for the brand – System Shock 3. Mainly, the chatter revolves around the mishandling of the studio – Otherside Entertainment – as lead individuals at the developer are reported to be stepping down and leaving the team altogether.

On the other hand, there is a glowing future for what is the upcoming remake for the titular 1994 title. In that, developer Nightdive Studios has been slowly curating a complementing reworking of System Shock which is finally holding form in contrast to System Shock 3 which looks to most likely not be releasing anytime soon.

In a new trailer for the acclaimed System Shock remake, Nightdive Studios announces the game is set to arrive this summer. To sway more users to pre-purchase the game, you will also receive a free copy for System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition for free on PC. You can watch the teaser trailer in the video below:

“You awaken from a six month healing coma aboard Citadel Station, TriOptimum’s premier research facility,” the overview reads on the game’s Steam page. “Mutants feast on their former crew mates, nightmares of flesh bound to metal roam the dark hallways, and the station’s A.I., SHODAN, is aiming Citadel’s mining laser… at Earth! Your military grade neural interface is all that stands between humanity and the silicon god coming to remake Earth in their vision.”

Previously, Nightdive Studios announced the remake to be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but the current announcement is only in regards to the PC version. Speaking with Nightdive Studios’ Larry Kuperman, he tells Gematsu that the ports are still planned. “Yes, and hopefully (damn) close with the PC launch,” he issues. A demo for the game is available now.

Do you plan to pick up the System Shock Remake on PC or console?

System Shock Remake comes to PC sometime in summer 2021; listed for Xbox One & PlayStation 4.

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