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Team Ninja Reveals Reboot Plans For Dead Or Alive & Ninja Gaiden IPs

Posted on November 21, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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For Team Ninja, the Japanese developer is no secret to the world with some of the most acknowledged releases that carved the industry. For IPs such as Dead or Alive for example. Its latest release shipped back in March 2019 and our review shows it aged well! “It’s robust and fun fighting system, a plethora of online functions and excellent mode selection make Dead or Alive 6 shine,” critic David Rodriguez penned.

However, other franchises such as Ninja Gaiden has not been as prominent as many would like. The most the firm acknowledged the IP is with the ‘Master Collection’ which shipped last summer. But a one statement reveals it is passionate to meet expectations of patient fans sometime soon, game director Fumihiko Yasuda said then.

At the recent South Korea G-Star conference Team Ninja Keynote, Yasuda presented plans forward from the developer. In that, Team Ninja plans to reboot both Dead or Alive & Ninja Gaiden. This is said to follow the current plans that Team Ninja already has slated for the coming years as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is shipping next year and tailed by Rise of the Ronin.

For the latter, Rise of the Ronin is an upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive scheduled to launch later in 2024. From the announcement that was shared at the time this past September, the new IP is to offer a fresh tale after the fall of the Edo Period set during the 19th century of feudal Japan. Yasuda at the time shared the development was a slow burn which explains its later release window.

Elsewhere, Team Ninja is preparing the upcoming release for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. In October, it was shared that the title is slated to ship March 3rd next year. Additionally, the game will offer a few extra goodies for pre-ordering or purchasing shortly after its release. You can read the full report by heading here.

What are you most interested to see from Team Ninaj’s reboot plans?

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