The live-action Watch Dogs movie has started filming

Posted on July 3, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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It has already been confirmed that a live-action Watch Dogs movie is officially in the works with Tom Blyth and Sophie Wild both confirmed for the film. Christie LeBlanc is the writer for the film and it was reported the script was then revised by Victoria Bata. It now looks like the Watch Dogs movie is headed in the right direction and has begun filming.

What’s interesting about a Watch Dogs movie being produced is that recent reports indicated that Ubisoft was done with the game franchise for good. The publisher never officially came out stating that and if they are involved with this movie it’s hard to say Ubisoft is done with the series.

It’s unclear when the Watch Dogs movie will release as of this moment.

There have only been three official Watch Dogs games – Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs 2, and Watch Dogs Legion.

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