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THQ Nordic Confirms Dambuster Studios To Take On Development For Dead Island 2

Where Dead Island 2 currently stands has been a question for a majority of this console generation since the game still has yet to receive a proper release after being announced back at E3 2014. Developer Techland abandoned the IP after the release of Dead Island: Riptide in Spring 2013 and went on to develop Dying Light in 2015 and an expected sequel to land sometime next year in 2020.

However, publisher Deep Silver proceeded with the next installment in the series and announced the Dead Island 2 with Yager Development to helm the development of the next title. But events turned to the worst as the German-based developer announced to be leaving the project just a year after the game’s announcement. This then bounced the project to Crackdown 3 developer Sumo Digital, who alike Yager, also left the sequel towards other projects.

On several occasions THQ Nordic alongside Deep Silver has reassured patient fans that the game is still in development, although there is no standing developer, the project has yet to be cancelled. Leading to December last year where word broke from an ex-Yager developer who detailed that Dambuster Studios is planning to take the torch in attempting to ship Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Might Have Swapped Developers, Again

Now today through the Q1 financial report for THQ Nordic, it has been revealed that the British studio has been confirmed to taking the role in developing the sequel just five years after its announcement. “We have entrusted Dambuster Studios with the Dead Island franchise, bringing the development of this key franchise to one of our internal studios. They are now leading the development of Dead Island 2,” THQ Nordic CEO lars Wingesfors announces.

Following questions regarding when the game will be set to release or what platforms has been left out of the statement. It is expected that THQ Nordic will share more on the game in the coming future: the best chances to expect the game is on the next line of hardware coming in 2020.

Are you still waiting for Dead Island 2?

Source: THQ Nordic

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