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Tobyfox Offers Update On Deltarune Chapter 2 With New Screenshots And Development Details

This year in 2020 marks the five year anniversary for Tobyfox’s Undertale. And while the first entry from the self-named developer is not on his plate anymore with the more ambitious Deltarune now underway, there is still plenty to reflect on the first project leading to the upcoming Chapter Two for new title. One being that development for the new game is more complex than Undertale and requiring more hands to be in the pot.

Howbeit, in a new blog post made by Tobyfox himself, he tells that he has taken the position of story writer, composer, audio director, map designer, battle designer, minigame designer, and director cumulatively since beginning development for Deltarune. He discloses that with the first chapter for the new title to be a basis for future entries to make up the full experience, he adventured to break out of GameMaker for a new engine.

But after trial and error, he concluded that Chapter 2 will be utilizing the proprietary engine of the initial projects now. With development starting in May 2020, Tobyfox shares to be confident for a late 2020 release of Chapter 2 for Deltarune. “A lot of progress has been made since that time. I believe we can complete this chapter, content-wise, before the end of the year,” he tells in the post. But the timeframe mentioned is premature to much needed polishing and porting for Chapter 2.

And while the game is still due to release fairly soon, it is expected that the second part fir Deltarune will fully arrive sometime in early 2021 if development goes as planned. In that, Tobyfox also offered new screenshots for the game which you can view below:

Despite the minor setback for Tobyfox and the team behind Deltarune currently, he believes the time used learning more about the project and its full circle return to GameMaker was fulfilling. Even more, Tobyfox went to tell that more ideas and concepts for Deltarune when developing these past few months has also sprouted new ideas as to what can be found in the game with new entries underway.

Tobyfox goes on to share that Phase One (core design & dialogue) is finished and that the second phase of development is still being grinded out currently. Elements such as music, art, combat mechanics, and cutscenes are roughly halfway finished. He also goes as far to disclose that Phase One for Chapter 3 of Deltarune is near completion as well.

All in all, Tobyfox illustrates development as of late and the progress made is confident on his end. It was November of 2018 that he told that development could be facing a strenuous gap in tow for Chapter 2, but that looks to be less of problem after returning to GameMaker. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Tobyfox

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