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Tokyo Game Show 2019: Capcom Samples First Overview For Resident Evil’s Project Resistance

Posted on September 16, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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At the start of the week, publisher Capcom officially disclosed the legitimacy of the Resident Evil online standalone, Project Resistance. Alongside that was a short cinematic teaser which disclosed some of the bevy that the game will include for players to do when surviving this new experience coming to the two decade old franchise.

Now during this week’s Tokyo Game Show, Capcom has presented an overview of the game which covers the characters, gameplay elements, and refreshing on what was presented on the teaser shown prior this past Monday. Introducing the playable, four-person cast, each character is provided with their own unique skill that assists the group in some way towards escaping this nightmare. Some back story has also been shed with their respected talents.

  • Samuel Jordan – Once a recognized boxer then falls from an injury, his former profession helps him as well as the survivors with his overly strong melee capabilities.
  • January Van Sant – A skilled journalist and hacker in the midst of investigating the R.P.D is caught in the madness: her use with technology helps in disabling all torturous electronics.
  • Valerie Harmon – A college student who recently take an internship amid investigating her friend’s amnesia disappears into this survival trial and uses her knowledge of medicine to heal survivors and nearby equipment.
  • Tyrone Henry – A well-recognized Raccoon City firefighter goes missing during a blaze at a redacted location now uses his skill of robust stature to withhold damage as well as protecting the other survivors.

This then leading to the Mastermind who orchestrates the entire scenario; the unrecognized character controls all the buttons and levers to inflict on the recorded survivors. From installing traps, to strategically picking enemy locations and attacking with gun-mantled cameras are some of the few things he has in his disposal. Other inconveniences include turning off the lights alongside closing doors at any given time.

Of course, he will also be permitted to controlling that antagonizing Mr. X at a certain point during the match to really raise the difficulty for those surviving. He can even control some zombies to take players off guard compared to the AI-commanded undead.

However, despite the experimental take that Capcom has decided to embark for Project Resistance, fans are crossed on whether this is something they will like. During the initial reception, the like-to-dislike ratio on the video was about in half. But now on September 14, it seems to be 2/3 with dislike in favor.

Those interested can sign up here for the game’s closed beta which will be going live from Friday October 4th to Sunday later that same weekend on October 7th.

Project Resistance is listed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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