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Updated Cover For Final Fantasy VII Remake Reveals To Be A Timed Exclusive For The First Year

Ever since the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, the game was cemented to only be available for PlayStation 4, alike the initial version of the game. However, the original 1997 title eventually received ports for both Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch just this year. And now it looks that the upcoming rework of the notorious title will also available for other systems following its launch next year.

Thanks to an updated version of the game’s cover art, it is revealed that the remake will only be unique to the PlayStation platform for one year exactly. The added label on the image reading “Play first on PS4 … Timed Exclusive until 3/3/21.” You can view the new cover below:

Upon many fans who might be surprised that the title is finally confirmed to be coming to other systems like Xbox and PC, it should be noted that this information might have slipped previously. At least for the sake of Xbox, this detail already happened to be revealed for a brief moment in time back in July. Xbox Germany uploaded a video on Facebook which stated that the game would in fact be coming to Xbox One. While the date is incorrect, the German division was aware of the game arriving to the platform.

While this might be the biggest surprise for a turn of events, this is definitely not the first time that games were a timed exclusive on PlayStation 4. Back in 2016 during the launch of PlayStation VR, both Batman Arkham VR and Resident Evil VII were later revealed to be exclusive to Sony’s platform for an entire year; the same can also be said for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy the following year.

One thing that should not be brushed off is that Sony Interactive Entertainment still practices timed exclusives this late in the console generation. Aside from first-party exclusives that are funded directly from the publisher for the platform, third-party projects should for the most part stay available to other platforms rather than being disclosed to having to wait the respected amount of time following launch.

What are your thoughts on this latest discovery for Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be coming to PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.

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