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Xbox One Version Of Final Fantasy VII Remake “Mistakenly” Posted By Xbox Germany

It is no news that when Square Enix initially announced Final Fantasy VII Remake that the game will solely be coming to Sony’s PlayStation 4 when the game is ready to release. This reveal back in 2015 during the original announcement left fans on Xbox One in the dark as users on the competing platform will be enjoy the complete reimagine of the 1997 title sometime in the coming future.

And now leading up to the 2019 with this year’s E3, Square Enix made it clear that the long awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII will be coming in March next year, still advertised for the PlayStation 4. But now it seems that the publisher left out a major piece regarding the title’s release plans.

Today, Xbox Germany on Facebook posted a video stating that Final Fantasy VII Remake will in fact be releasing on Xbox One the same day as the already scheduled PlayStation 4 version. But soon after the video made its way onto the internet, the page deleted the post before more eyes can view the video. But it was too late as screenshots of the post have already been captured and passed through the web

Video game industry @Nibellion on Twitter shared the screenshots soon after the post was deleted and gained some attention from the tweet as Xbox Germany Social Media Lead Max Graff responded that the post was an “internal mistake in the Social Team.”

Though it is understandable that mistakes do happen as they generally do, it leaves the question of what type of mistake this exactly is or if was even a mistake entirely. Since the post of video followed by the deletion of the post, Square Enix has yet to comment if the game is truly coming to Xbox One or not.

Doing more digging, Nibel did discover that following the game’s initial reveal where the title was originally advertised to “Play it first on PlayStation 4,” was dropped in the more recent promo with only the release date for March presented. Which does support the claim for the possibility of seeing the game also come to other platforms.

However, this could just mean that the game is planned for the inevitable PlayStation 5 as Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda did suggest a potential next generation version of the game is planned in the future. Which would conflict with the overall idea of the remake being in the mix for and Xbox One release.

Do you think this is Xbox’s chance to see the Final Fantasy VII Remake drop on Xbox One?

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently set to release on March 3, 2020 for PlayStation 4.


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