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Valve Reportedly Halted Development On Other Projects For Half-Life: Alyx

Posted on December 2, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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This past Thursday quickly became a monumental date for the gaming industry as Valve officially announced Half-Life: Alyx, a prequel following in the shoes of Dr. Eli Vance’s daughter between the timelines of the first and second installments of the series. And while it looked that the development for the game has came a long way especially from the Final Hours special that Game Awards Geoff Keighley released the same day, this wasn’t a single studio’s doing according to recent reports.

Just one day before the game’s announcement, The Valve News Network reported that development on the currently ongoing Team Fortress 2 ceased to put all efforts to the then-unannounced VR project. Furthermore this also suggests that following content leading to the end of this year might be the ultimate end of add-ons for the 2007 title due to this recent decision made by Valve.

In an interview with Greg Coomer, he discloses that the team actually working on Team Fortress 2 is unknown regarding about how many are currently developing for the game which gives the implication that the game is virtually being shelved for new work.

There are very few people working on Team Fortress. I don’t know the exact number, but it’s hardly anyone anymore. I think that’s kind of obvious, because we don’t have big updates for that game really anymore. We’ve just kind of keeping it going and we’re just going to try and not shut it down or anything.

Even more, another Valve employee went to declare that the game is no longer in development and that Valve themselves would not properly announce that publicly. “Valve won’t ever announce that Team Fortress 2’s development is over, in short […] players will have to sit in eternal anticipation of the next update. Valve will not tell you that nothing is coming.”

Returning back to Keighley’s recent special for Alyx, this claim can also be supported by the discussion he had with the developers that are currently working on the virtual reality title. While not directly suiting those who were previously working on Team Fortress 2, it is certain that the team at Campo Santo is working on Alyx as well.

Upon what else might come from Valve following the release of the VR game this March, the team did suggest looking into releasing more depending on what the audience determines from the game. As for the team that worked on Team Fortress 2, it is suggested that the team will not be returning to the game following the release of Alyx.

Half-Life: Alyx is scheduled to release for Valve Index in March 2020.

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