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Warframe Announced For Nintendo Switch

With the list of titles coming over to the Nintendo Switch recently, it’s pretty unpredictable to guess what title is next to come to the platform. Revealed at this year’s TennoCon that Digital Extremes along with Panic Button will be partnering to bring Warframe to Nintendo’s console.
Seeing that Panic Button will be working on the port for the online title to Switch is surprising. As many predicted the studio would be working with Bethesda yet again on porting the first Wolfenstein title heard from a interview prior to this announcement.
Along with this announcement, developer Digital Extremes also showcased the upcoming Fortuna Update and Codename: Railjack content expansions coming to Warframe. Introduced two new Warframes Codename revenant and Codename Garuda. And reveled a free Prime Day Liset skin and Spektaka Color Picker for Twitch Prime members, who will be able to grab the bundle between July 12 to August 12.
For when we might expect to see Warframe on the Nintendo Switch wasn’t discussed, only left with that the studio is excited to share more information at a later date. For when more news is revealed, stay with for an update.
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