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Xbox’s Phil Spencer Acknowledges Advancements With Controllers From Sony’s DualSense And Expands On Potential Features Coming To The Xbox Gamepad

Posted on July 15, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While the new console are among the mass public for more than half a year now, evaluating the models and what offers is what still differentiates the two. For Xbox, the two options – Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S – comb together many features identical from its predecessor to the new machines. Atop of that, FPS Boost and Variable Refresh Rate are namely additions to the platform.

As for the PlayStation 5 alongside its digital-only sibling, backwards compatibility is a namely addition. Unlike its former, the newest system includes the ability to natively run older software finally. Alike Xbox as well, improved performance is also included, but requires more resources to achieve. However, the largest addition is the DualSense controller which instantly revolutionizes the experience compared to any other platform currently.

In the past, Microsoft even acknowledged the positive press for how the DualSense impressed on its users at launch by polling new Xbox Series X|S owner late last year. In a new interview on the Kinda Funny Gamescast, Xbox Lead Phil Spencer expands on potentially adding new features to the Xbox controller when acknowledging the Sony DualSense.

When I think about our hardware roadmap, and I really love the evolution of Liz Hamren’s [Microsoft CVP of Gaming Experiences and Platforms] team and the work that they’ve done. We’re definitely thinking about different kinds of devices that can bring more games to more places. There’s probably some work that we’ll do on the controller.

I think Sony’s done a nice job with their controller and we kind of look at some of that and [potentially] there are things that we should go do. But [we’re] probably not in the more bespoke accessories place right now. We just look at what happens on Windows and other places and see if there’s a unique opportunity for us. Right now I don’t think there’s anything that’s obvious to me.

Expanding on the pursuit for players to utilize the newest Xbox gamepad, Microsoft has enabled support for the controller to be compatible with iOS in its past iOS 14.5 update earlier this year. Additionally, Sony Interactive Entertainment also launched support for the DualSense alongside Microsoft at the time of reporting as well.

More recently, Microsoft revealed to be returning its Xbox Design Lab program. Alike with the Xbox One controller, the Xbox Series X|S peripheral can now be customized with millions of combinations for users to create for themselves. You can read the full report by heading here.

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