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xCloud Support On iOS Told Improved Results For More Playtime From Platform Users, Microsoft Says

Posted on May 5, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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While Project xCloud initially kicked off in fall 2019 with the beta of the service allowing users to play Xbox on the go without dedicated hardware from Microsoft, the initiative has gone on to expand beyond Android to other platforms extensively. For one, iOS & PC receive support soon after with workarounds for a browser-based application. Additionally, new records were set for xCloud featuring more than 100 titles with native touch screen controls support as well.

More recently this past holiday, Xbox One & Xbox Series systems also received support for xCloud enabling players on weaker hardware to enjoy the newest releases or simply play without the wait time downloading. On the matters of touch controls once more, Microsoft also revealed previously that roughly 20 percent of its users use the peripheral exclusively over pairing a controller.

In one update this March, Microsoft shared that iOS has since received enhancements to the version of xCloud which in the long-term has drastically improved engagement with its users as a result. “At Xbox Cloud Gaming, we listen to and value player feedback,” says Nicole Hilbert, Product Manager at Xbox & Akshar Pandia.

“You asked for a better iOS experience, and as a result, we have brought major performance improvements to all supported iPhone and iPad devices.” More impressively is the bullet points from the blog post: “We have seen a significant increase in positive player feedback since implementing these changes. […] Higher Engagement: 35% longer play times.”

Upon expanding on other upgrades for xCloud, Asobo Studio confirms the team is working on implementing keyboard & mouse support for the mobile platform. Of course, this is namely introduced for its 2020 release Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you excited for more on the way from the xCloud team?

Source: Xbox Wire

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