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Zenimax Online Reported To Be Working On New AAA IP, New Engine Also In The Development

Posted on October 4, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Since last month with Microsoft’s enormous announcement to be acquiring Zenimax Media and the parent company’s subsidiary firm Bethesda, many question the future for upcoming properties and other projects that have yet to be announced. While it is unsure as to what will come from the teams that make up Bethesda, it is a known fact that more titles coming to fruition will be more impactful thanks to the resources at Microsoft.

Among that, developer Zenimax Online is reported to be working an entirely new IP. That being an AAA project specifically, the news broke from findings in the new job listings posted by the studio. “Join our studio for the development of our next AAA game,” the description reads for a Lead Gameplay Camera Designer posting. “This is a chance to join an experienced group of developers in pre-production for a new IP.”

Atop of the new project that is currently under wraps at Zenimax Online, it is also brought to attention that the firm is also creating a new proprietary engine for the unnamed title also. Initially disclosed by @_XboxNews, Zenimax Online Lead Graphics Engineer Alex Tardif shares the discussion to be accurate on Twitter.

Even more, some job listings on the developer’s website explicitly mentions that the team is working on a new engine. One being the posting for a Lead Gameplay Engineer, asking for an applicant eager to “develop game systems in our new engine for the studio’s next AAA project.”

In other news regarding upcoming Bethesda projects, Xbox head Phil Spencer briefly mentioned some details on new titles in development. While not disclosing what the titles are specifically, he does comment that whatever they are – the game are “incredibly exciting” to say the least. You can read the full report by heading here.

What are you interested most about what is to come from Zenimax Online later on?

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