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Activision CEO In Email From FTC Hearing Compares Next-Gen Nintendo Switch To Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Hardware

Posted on June 29, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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After six years and over 125 million units sold, the Nintendo Switch has proven to be an unstoppable force within the video game industry. What makes this system so baffling in its performance is the hardware’s limitations compared to its competitors at Microsoft & Sony. Despite being extremely limited in comparison, premium first-party content has proven to be a strong selling point for Nintendo.

Looking ahead, it is confident a new system will succeed the current Nintendo Switch. Previously, a job listing for Creatures Inc., the team responsible for most recent Pokémon titles, is hiring to work on new console hardware. Additionally, it was also revealed by Nintendo president Shuntaro Fukurawa that the next console will feature seamless account transferring for current Nintendo Switch users.

Now derived from the ongoing Microsoft v FTC evidentiary hearings this week, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick spared some information on the new system. From an email between Activision & Nintendo, it reveals that the new hardware is more align with the Xbox One & PlayStation 4 systems. Thanks TweakTown editor @DeekeTweek for transcribing the information via Twitter.

Elsewhere during the hearing, it is reported that Kotick has spoken highly of the Nintendo Switch. Evidently, Activision has done lesser for a publisher of its scale to support the Nintendo Switch. It is understood that Kotick did recognize these actions as a ‘mistake’ when reflecting on the success that the Nintendo Switch has brought already.

With the ongoing developments for the Activision Blizzard deal, Microsoft has continued to promise support for more games – namely Call of Duty – is coming to Nintendo Switch. In one statement from Phil Spencer, he tells that the series will come to Nintendo Switch the Xbox firm treats Minecraft. Similarly, it was also confirmed a 10-year plan is on the way as well for Nintendo.

Of course, this is the same agreement that was established for PlayStation – now coming to Nintendo Switch. But in the hearings, it was said both Nintendo & Activision parties have yet to meet on the arrangement nor put any ink on paper just yet. It is understood motion will come following the deal being completed, it it happens.

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