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Analyst Sheds PlayStation Faces ‘Pressure’ To Further Respond To Activision Deal At Xbox

Posted on October 18, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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More than a year ago during the initial announcement for Activision Blizzard being up for purchase by Microsoft, it appeared that Sony Interactive Entertainment felt obligated to respond to the $68.7 billion acquisition. In March, it was revealed that Destiny’s Bungie would be joining PlayStation Studios. A portion of the acquisition capital was reported to buy developer’s commitment to stay post-acquisition, it was revealed.

And this past week, Microsoft shared that the deal officially passed with Activision Blizzard King now part of Xbox. The meat of the deal reveals titles pertaining to the publishing conglomerate will be added later in the coming weeks. Additionally, it was said in a press release that CEO Bobby Kotick is to remain for his position until the end of 2023 for this calendar year.

However, despite the $3 billion acquisition of Bungie, analysts are anticipating that Sony Interactive Entertainment is to respond with a bigger bomb shell now. Speaking to, Kantan Games CEO Dr. Serkan Toto expressed that much of this post-acquisition atmosphere requires the PlayStation firm to really hit back at the talent Xbox swept up.

“Sony surely is under pressure to react, even after their Bungie acquisition. I expect further investments and acquisitions for PlayStation, including a large one that would move the needle for them in a meaningful way,” he elaborates. But, there is some push back as to what many are anticipating to be in the crosshairs of Team PlayStation. Previously, it was confirmed that CD Projekt Red is not up for sale back in May.

Another candidate that many are anticipating to be in the ballpark for Sony Interactive Entertainment is Take-Two Interactive. However, speculation surrounding that claim has been shelved thanks to Jason Schreier. Via Twitter, X at the time, the Bloomberg journalist dismantled a string of rumors pertaining to Take-Two’s imminent purchase for PlayStation. You can read the full report by heading here.

What is your thoughts on where PlayStation can expand tin response to the Activision deal?


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