Annual Expansions For Starfield Is The Plan, Todd Howard Confirms

Posted on June 18, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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While already a time-sinking experience, Bethesda’s Starfield is not finished just with the base game. Previously, Bethesda did confirm that plenty of post-launch support for the new game is prepared to roll out in 2024. Thus far, we have seen this with plenty of updates already. In May, the game did so with its 60hz update that smoothed the performance for the overall title.

Additionally, there is also the upcoming Shattered Space expansion underway. Although there is no concrete release date, the add-on is prepared to launch in 2024. What’s more, the game faced its biggest content drop yet just this month. Alongside a new trailer for the upcoming expansion, Starfield also welcomed mod support at that time.

Now with the first DLC set to release later this year, Todd Howard tells plans for the game is to expect annual expansions in the future. You can watch the segment of the interview in the video below:

“We want to [do annual releases]- more or less yeah, how long that continues – hopefully a very long time – but that’s what we’re planning for the one after this [Shattered Space] so there will be another one. And I don’t know that our goal is to answer every question. We sort of look at it and say, ‘hey what’s a good angle, what do we want to add to the game as far as an experience or a tone or those kind of things.”

Certainly, this adds to the list of excitement for Starfield as popularity as well as longevity for the new IP only climbs. This week, Bethesda officially announced that Starfield has now welcomed more than 14 million players since the game’s launch this past September less than a year ago. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you interested in more content coming to Starfield in the long term?

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