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Batman Voice Actor for Arkham Origins Suggest Fans To Watch Tonight’s Game Awards

It is no secret that fans of Rocksteady Studios Batman Arkham franchise is deprived of a new installment since the last release dropping back in 2015 with Batman Arkham Knight. However, word of a new title taking place following the events of the latest game has surfaced tracing back to last year and more has unearthed since the initial leak.

As for tangible information goes, it was in November 2018 that Warner Bros. Montreal’s Assistant Producer Valerie Vezina tweeted a redacted image of what looked to be a crest or symbol referencing to the hidden organization for the Court of Owls. This then led hungry fans to suspect that the game would be shown off at last year’s game Awards, but we know now a year later that did not happen.

Following to this past Summer, Canadian developer Warner Bros. Montreal tweeted a GIF which flickered a few similar looking symbols imbedded in the celebratory post for Batman’s 80th anniversary. Which only fueled the fire from 2018 as fans instantly jumped on board with an announcement sometime soon. Even more, the creator for the Court of Owls story arc Scott Snyder teased the new project with a “bewarethecourtofowls” hashtag shortly after the initial tweet.

Yet again, nothing was revealed. However, more information continued to seep out. Batman voice actor for Warner Bros. Montreal Batman Arkham Origins Roger Craig Smith later on teased to be working on something that is “totally not a video game.” But he does add on that he is too excited to share what this new project is that he can’t talk about due to signing and Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).What really grabbed traction from the fanbase though is when employees at Warner Bros began joining in on the joke on Twitter.

And even still we still have no news on this alleged title. But that wait might actually be over this time as Roger Craig Smith once again tweets suggesting his followers to watch this year’s Game Awards show later this evening.

Adding more filler to this cake, Smith himself also tweets to be at the Xbox Plaza where the Game Awards will be going down tonight at the Microsoft Theater. Seemingly, chances of this new unannounced project does look to finally be arriving as the stars are finally aligning for tonight’s show.

What truly tops this potential announcement, though, is that a domain registered for “ArkhamLegacy” has been updated this week. Of course, entering the site will only bring you to an unfinished version that has yet to properly be updated. Most likely will stay that way until following the suspected announcement that will go down tonight.

The 2019 Game Awards will commence at 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST.

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