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Beyond Update For No Man’s Sky Officially Landing Next Week

The upcoming update that is slated for Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky has been revealed to launch for the 2016 title in a little more than a week as the studio has announced that Beyond will be available on August 14th. The approaching update alike previous one will be available for free when the client goes live on the scheduled day.

What exactly is the Beyond update for the space-explorer title? For fans who might not have picked up the game when initially launched, players soon discovered that the developer mislead anticipated fans that the game would offer online for users to play with one another and interact through the extensive universe that the game holds. However, since that was not the case, Hello Games following the incident have been slowly working to bring the promised content that originally attracted fans to the game.

Beyond will feature online mechanics that players are already familiar with from other titles while still holding its own unique iteration of multiplayer interactivity for those who plan to play. Studio head Sean Murray previously confirmed that Beyond will not require any additional subscription nor offer microtransactions for players to indulge in.

With the talks of multiplayer, it would be nice to see potential cross play for the title sometime in the coming future once Beyond finally settles for the studio. Especially as the game has a version listed for Nintendo Switch, players would appreciate to play with differing platforms to really capital on the concept of playing with anyone in the universe.

Do you plan on joining the online fun for No Man’s Sky when Beyond is officially out?

No Man’s Sky is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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