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Capcom Planning To Bring A Resident Evil Show To Netflix

With the latest release of the Resident Evil 2 Remake this past Friday, discussion of a television series has already surfaced before the start of the weekday. In an exclusive from Deadline, the entertainment outlet states to have heard that the upcoming television adaptation of Capcom’s iconic franchise will be airing exclusively on Netflix.

Constantin Films, the studio behind the Resident Evil film franchise is said to be at the helm of the new series, but a showrunner for the show has yet to be decided as of yet. For those who are well-known of the six-movie series, some will be excited for what’s to come for the show while others will think otherwise.

For what the series is to be about will hold true to the game’s universe while experimenting with being a catalyst towards the setup for the film franchise. By going more in-depth with the star of the T-Virus and going behind the scenes of The Umbrella Corporation. The show will feature nods towards the videogame series with several easter eggs and other tropes from the ongoing series.

Resident Evil will be another welcomed franchise as we are already know of Henry Cavill’s involvement with the upcoming Wither series. Alongside the forthcoming Devil May Cry series which has been previously touched upon back in November.

Currently there’s no set time for when the show will be debuting on the streaming platform.

Source: Deadline

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