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Deathloop Claimed To Hit Xbox Game Pass This Month

Posted on September 14, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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When the deal finalized for Bethesda/Zenimax Media’s acquisition from Microsoft, it left some big questions as to what the Xbox firm will handle previous contractual agreements made prior. Well, Microsoft did confirm it will honor exclusive deals with Sony Interactive Entertainment for Deathloop & GhostWire: Tokyo. At the game’s release from Arkane Lyon, it was September 14th that the game would end its unique ties to PlayStation.

But, how soon can we expect the game to come to Xbox then? Well, YouTuber Rand Al Thor 19 tells the game will be coming as soon as next week. Even more, an announcement will take place Friday September 15th and the addition of the game is slated for September 20th this coming Tuesday for the platform and Xbox Game Pass. You can watch the segment of the video below:

“September 15th is also the day that Xbox can talk about Deathloop,maybe,” the YouTuber says. “The one-year anniversary is the 14th, that’s Wednesday, so there’s a possibility that on the 15th they can come out and say ‘Deathloop is coming to Xbox’. Not only is it coming to Xbox, its also coming with new content – I would imagine some Definitive Edition […] We will be playing Deathloop on Xbox on Game Pass on the 20th.”

What comes to be a bigger surprise is what Deathloop opened for Arkane Lyon with its development. In a recent interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, the team expressed the game to be the breaking point for the developer to branch to other avenues for single-player experiences as the linear approach is finally stepping down.

In our review for Deathloop we wrote, “To say much more would give too much away, just go in knowing that Arkane Lyon has truly created their best game ever. Even more so, they figured out a way to bring the deep elements that only hardcore stealth fans get to experience in this genre. A great story, clever twist, and fantastic level design come together to make an unforgettable experience.” You can read the full review by heading here.

Are you hoping the Deathloop claims happen this week?

Deathloop is out now for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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